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Photo of Matthew L. Cooke


Director, Health and Wellness

Matthew Lucas Cooke is recognized as one of Ontario’s leading Strength and Conditioning Coaches providing specialized and customized consultations to clients ranging from sports teams, athletes, professionals and individuals seeking to improve their overall physical well being and personal impact.  


In recent years, Matthew’s primary focus has been to apply his vast knowledge of athletic productivity and incorporating healthy practices, into the executive and professional fields where an individual’s health and physical wellbeing have proven to play a pinnacle role in their workplace performance. Although looking and feeling better are immediate and notable gains, the benefits of adapting a healthier lifestyle extend well beyond appearance. Matthew’s understanding of how proper maintenance of the body can dramatically effect daily performance, projected image and impacts mental fatigue, concentration and energy levels, have led him to work with top ranking professionals helping them to significantly increase their daily productivity levels and optimize their workplace performance.  


As Director of Health and Wellness, Matthew provides individual high performance training consultations, and works closely with businesses to create an essential awareness around the importance of maintaining health and wellbeing in the workplace.


"Having been a client of Matthew’s for three years, I know first hand how valuable and beneficial his knowledge and training programs are. Everything from my posture, presentation style and even my stamina levels have greatly improved.”

– Christine Felgueiras

Matthew holds a Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of Toronto, ISSA Strength & Conditioning Coach, and a CrossFit Level 1 Certificate.   

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