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Customer Experience Impact (CXI)




Companies today realize that the most effective way to achieve brand recognition and gain a sustainable competitive edge over their competitors is through consistently delivering the highest level of exceptional customer experiences (CX) with every interaction, every time. Having all the right internal customer service management tools and platforms is only part of the solution; Creating and fostering a customer centric culture focused on customer care is a necessary and crucial element to providing the best customer experience. In the Customer Experience Impact (CXI) program, participants are taken through all the key components involved in providing an exceptional and meaningful experience to their customers while optimizing their internal customer support programs to establish a repeatable customer engagement process that can easily be delivered.


In this highly interactive program, participants will be led through their own journey on how to become customer experience champions. The program focuses on establishing the right set of interpersonal skills and competencies to engage quickly and effectively with customers, how to recognize, meet and exceed a customer’s needs, and the different stages required for successful customer recovery. The program consists of a multitude of exercises and real situational simulations to gain immediate and practical knowledge and skills that can be applied to any professional environment.



  • Customer Service & Tele-Sales Representatives

  • Call Center Teams

  • Inside & Outbound Sales Teams

  • Technical Support Specialists

  • Retail Sales Advisors

  • Front Desk Operators & Greeters

  • Customer Recovery Specialists

  • Customer Care Specialists

  • New Hire Orientation Programs

  • Customer Service Management

A brand is defined by the customer’s experience. The experience is delivered by the employees."

- Shep Hyken


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